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Aug 31, 2022

Corporate Event CONNECT22

130 Experience Engineers gathered at CONNECT22 to spend three days shaping the future together.


Aline Stang Marketing & Communications

Our goal: to empower people to do things in a new and better way. That’s why CONNECT22, which brought together around 130 experience engineers, was themed: Inspire. Grow. Create.

The topic of the first day was “Inspire”. The day started with a strong line-up: paralympian Denise Schindler, “zeitgeist” (spirit of time) researcher Kirstine Fratz and food activist Tainá Guedes. 3 strong women whose missions inspire to face the challenges of the future by believing in themselves, pushing boundaries, and being relentlessly motivated to make the world a better place.

From 3D rendering to CX storytelling and AI to new research skills—the expertise of our experience engineers covers many areas. It is important to us, to share this knowledge so that everyone can learn and develop from each other. Therefore, “Grow” was the focus of the second day. However, the experiences from our heart project 2022—the Ukrainian Youth Club—could not be neglected.

“Create”—the motto of the third day. We were able to apply what we learned on the previous days in various challenges: Not losing sight of the target in archery, giving our best in throwing cans or proving endurance and teamwork skills in Jenga and golf.

We left the Bold Campus in Königstein in Taunus with new energy, inspiration and motivation and are ready to continue shaping the future.

You want to be part of our next CONNECT? Check out our career page!

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