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May 10, 2023

Conversational AI—The New Era of the Internet

At the OMR Festival, Experience One demonstrates how brands and companies can take customer interaction to the next level with Conversational AI.


Aline Stang Marketing & Communications

ChatGPT, Midjourney & Co.—At the OMR Festival, we demonstrate how brands and companies can use Conversational AI for customer interaction.

At the OMR Masterclass, Kai Müller, Sebastian Luxem, Holger Grünwald, and Luise Hübbe demonstrate what is technologically possible with Conversational AI, which points in the customer journey are particularly exciting now, and why we need to completely redesign the internet and the way people interact with it.

They provide precise use cases and possibilities for customer interaction of brands and companies from the automotive industry, public sector, and insurances.

Impressive—marvelously precise—extreme lively
Experience One shows how conversational AI is changing customer interaction, what is technologically possible and where the customer journey is now becoming particularly exciting.
Masterclass audience
With Conversational AI, we are at the beginning of a new era of the internet. We have to completely rethink all interactions.
Kai Müller, Founder and CEO of Experience One, shows the potential of Conversational AI for the customer interaction of brands and companies.
Kai Müller, Founder and CEO, Experience One

We empower brands and companies to explore the opportunities and tap the potential for their use cases—from strategy to design to technological implementation.

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