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Apr 25, 2023

The rise of Generative AI

Kai Müller, CEO of Experience One, talks about how Generative AI is changing the way people interact with brands and companies.


Julia Keller Marketing & Communications

Generative AI is the greatest achievement in human-machine interaction of the last 20 years - and thus a game changer for customer relationships.

Based on generative artificial intelligence, the technology behind ChatGPT, Midjourney & Co., AI-co-pilots can grant superpower to humans.

Coming from a human-centered design approach, Kai Müller focuses on three aspects in particular: access to knowledge, idea visualization and execution speed.

When these skills combine to create a personal shopping assistant who is always learning and never forgetting, he believes it's doubtful whether our kids will still be going into changing rooms in the future.

Generative AI will completely change the way people interact with brands.
Kai Müller, CEO of Experience One, sees artificial intelligence as a gamechanger for interaction between people and companies.
Kai Müller, Founder and CEO of Experience One

Read more in the interview with Kai Müller, published in the TIA Report “Artificial Intelligence meets Creativity”.

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