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We transform customer experience into business success

Experience One Your partner for digital customer experiences

  1. The EO Day “rethink: Generative AI” brings together thought-leaders on aspects from human experience to AI technology.
  2. Kai Müller from Experience One talks at Digital X about opportunities and challenges for companies through generative AI.
  3. In an experiment with a stern reporter, Experience One used Conversational AI to create the reporter’s digital twin.
  4. Luise Hübbe from Experience One discusses AI-driven transformation in the mobility sector at the “We Are Developers World Congress”.
  5. Because of its user experience and human-centered design approach, the Digital Fashion Showroom for OLYMP is nominated for the UX Design Awards.
  6. Kai Müller, CEO of Experience One, talks to Christian Jakubetz about specific use cases for the deployment of Generative AI.
  7. The new AOK insurance portal from Experience One sets a new standard in usability, brand experience and accessibility.
  8. Workshops on AI-driven customer experience for companies in the health, insurance, automotive and public sectors from Experience One.
  9. Sebastian Luxem from Experience One builds the “digital twin” with the editor of a major German weekly magazine in an AI self-experiment.
  10. The digital fashion showroom from Experience One turns order appointments into an experience—better advice, more successful sales, more efficient processing.
  1. EO Day, October 19, Berlin

    rethink: Generative AI

    Keynotes and panel discussion open your mind to fresh approaches: from e-commerce to administration, from website to consulting. Be there!

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  2. September 20 & 21, Cologne

    Gamechanger for the German economy

    Generative AI belongs at the top of every CEO’s agenda. In the keynote and panel, Kai Müller explains why every company needs to build its own branded AI experience.

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  3. Digital Doppelganger

    stern Reporter Cloned!

    In a 24-hour experiment, we created the digital twin of a stern reporter. How did we go about it? And how true to the original is the digital twin really?

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  4. Tech-Expertise on Stage


    Represented twice: from AI-driven transformation in the mobility sector to the best employer experience for tech recruiting—our thought leaders talk about the latest developments in the scene at the “WeAreDevelopers World Congress”.

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  5. UX Design Award: Public Choice

    Nominated with OLYMP

    With our sales platform “Digital Fashion Showroom”, we are rethinking fashion sales and turning sales appointments into experiences.

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  6. D25 Podcast

    How AI is changing the web

    Do we still need the browser, or will voice-based AI navigate us in the future? Why companies need to create space for experimentation now.

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  7. aok.de

    New AOK portal

    The new AOK portal not only combines 11 regional sites under one interface, but also sets new standards in terms of usability, brand experience and accessibility.

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  8. Workshop

    AI-Driven Customer Experience

    Conversational AI—How can brands and companies use new technologies and take the customer experience to the next level? We show concrete use cases with added value.

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  9. AI self-experiment

    The Digital Editor

    Can you clone a journalist in just 24 hours using Generative AI? In a self-experiment with the editor of a major German weekly magazine, we faced the question.

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  10. Digital Fashion Showroom

    Must-have for Fashion Business

    Whether on-site or remote, the Digital Fashion Showroom turns order appointments into a shopping experience—providing better advice, selling more successfully, and handling orders more efficiently.

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We create experiences that make a difference

A great customer experience (CX) occurs when customers achieve their goals as quickly and easily as possible. But only if you exceed individual expectations, you can leverage the full business potential.

The right strategy always focuses on pivotal experiences—things that really matter from the customer’s point of view.

At the intersection of technology, design and strategy, we create experiences that make a difference.

Experience One.

We help brands and businesses to tackle three key challenges

We unlock growth

Customer centricity as a strategy

We believe that sustainable business success requires putting real people at the centre of every strategy decision. That’s why we focus on customer behaviour and needs to identify pivotal experiences. Only when you know about the greatest potentials, you can realise them and develop the most effective CX strategy.

We increase efficiency

Data-driven experiences as a tool for success

Data is the foundation for good decisions. But only when you use that data to understand customer goals you can exceed expectations when it matters most. Data evaluation and data use are equally relevant when creating convincing experiences. To handle complexity, it is key to focus on well-defined use cases first and scale results into intelligent customer solutions afterwards.

We deliver innovation

A holistic approach to tech transformation

Digital transformation only gains momentum with tangible and sustainable results. Therefore, we design new processes, products and platforms in a holistic way: end-to-end. We know that for a great customer experience at the interface, a deep integration with business processes, IT and data management is required.

Our services

Experience Consulting

Business design & CX strategy
CX management & governance
Data analysis & science
Research & insights reports

Experience Design

Service design
UX design
Visual design
Interaction design

Experience Technology

Architectural design
Frontend development
Backend development

For brands and companies

Meaningful experiences

New service and mobile app

Mercedes me Flexperience

We created a completely new mobility experience with this new service and mobile app for flexible vehicle booking — the "Netflix for cars".

B2B customer portal

Mercedes OneWeb Vans

We redesigned and developed the global B2B platform and rolled it out in 72 markets.

Business customer application

Postbank Business Assistant

We designed and implemented an intuitive app for freelancers and self-employed, providing a mobile overview of finances and projects as well as offers and invoices at the tap of a button.

Website and customer portal

Bosch Home & Garden

We designed and developed the entire B2C platform consisting of online store, community, MyBosch member area and the "All about DIY" do-it-yourself magazine.

Digital showroom

smart retail digitalisation

We designed, developed and implemented the interactive vehicle configurator for the digital product experience at the point of sale, rolled it out and operated it in six different markets in Europe and Asia.

Intelligent configurator

Mercedes-Benz Lifestyle Configurator

In order to better understand customers and guide them to the right product faster, we developed a self-learning configurator that uses the customer’s lifestyle to suggest the right product.

Online store

Liebeskind e-commerce

We developed the brand strategy for online retail and implemented the store with a user-centric mobile-first approach.

Mobile App

Mercedes me Store

We consulted Mercedes-Benz with the conception of the new app for digital products. We integrated it into the Mercedes-Benz user experience seamlessly so that customers can book and use all me connect services and on-demand features, available for their Mercedes, easily.


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