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Feb 12, 2021

Too many touchpoints ruin the customer experience

In the “Horizont” guest article, Kai Müller, CEO of Experience One, explains why too many touchpoints ruin the customer experience.


Aline Stang Marketing & Communications

Social media channels, apps, call centers & Co. - many companies strive to be in contact with their customers anytime and anywhere. But what is done with good intentions can quickly have the opposite effect.

Where many touchpoints are offered, quantity dominates over quality. And the customer experience suffers at individual touchpoints.

In order to significantly improve the customer experience, companies must focus on the essential touchpoints and customer experiences and, coming from the customer's needs, penetrate them - and then deliver in full.

Customers want to fulfill their needs in a convenient way - quickly and easily, without much effort. And above all: better than expected.
Kai Müller, founder and CEO of the digitalization partner Experience One, knows which touchpoints are important for the customer experience.
Kai Müller, founder and CEO of Experience One

Kai Müller explains in his article in “Horizont+” exactly what this means for companies and how they can create an outstanding customer experience.

Read article (in German)

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