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May 04, 2023

OLYMP Digital Fashion Showroom receives award

The OLYMP Digital Fashion Showroom by Experience One was awarded the German Digital Award for its user experience.


Julia Keller Marketing & Communications

For its outstanding user experience, OLYMP’s new sales solution for B2B fashion ordering was honored with the “Deutscher Digital Award” by the German Digital Industry Association (Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e. V).

With the Digital Fashion Showroom, OLYMP and Experience One take the B2B sales conversation to the next level. Less samples, maximum speed and a unique brand experience: With the data-based and co-creative platform, the entire sales team of the German men’s fashion brand takes buyers of German fashion retailers from boutique to Breuninger on an impressive collection journey.

Now, at the “Deutscher Digital Award”, the showroom convinced the jury in the field of digital commerce and was the only competitor to receive an award in the category “User Experience | Usability | Conversational Commerce”.

Jens Fauth, Managing Director of Experience One, receives the German Digital Award for the OLYMP Digital Fashion Showroom. © BVDW
Jens Fauth receives the award at the ceremony by BVDW (© BVDW).
Through our co-creative approach within the platform, but also within the design and development process, we have worked with OLYMP to create a unique user experience for buyers and salespersons that combines the physical and digital worlds into an immersive brand experience that engages all users equally.
Jens Fauth, Managing Director at Experience One, says that OLYMP has created a unique user experience for buyers and sellers with the digital showroom.
Jens Fauth, Managing Director at Experience One

For buyers from the fashion industry, the haptic feel of new fabric qualities and samples is a key moment in the purchase decision. The presentation of product details and the seamless embedding of real samples was therefore crucial for success. Powerwall, touch interface and scanner application for the smartphone combine the physical with the digital experience: scanned items go directly to a digital whiteboard. This makes it easier for buyers to get started with digital pre-ordering.

Integrated in the ERP system, the formerly analog order process is now digitized end to end and guides the sales team as well as the buyers through the consultation appointment—from inspiration, planning and curation to sale completion. The transformation of the order process not only doubled the speed of order entry, but also enabled the OLYMP Signature product line to become 100 percent digital.

With the interactive showroom and digital product development, we have massively accelerated the digital transformation at OLYMP. These and other measures have helped put the devastating COVID-19 crisis behind us and put the company back on a sustainable path to success from 2022 onwards.
Mark Bezner, Managing Partner at OLYMP

OLYMP Bezner KG from Bietigheim-Bissingen near Stuttgart is the shirt market leader in Germany. In addition, the high-quality clothing range, which includes business, casual and gala shirts, knitwear and accessories, is sold in more than 40 countries worldwide. In the past fiscal year, OLYMP was able to increase sales by more than 40 percent compared to the previous year, despite persistently difficult conditions. The revenues generated are 227 million euros in 2022.

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