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Jun 29, 2023

How AI is Changing the Web

Kai Müller, CEO of Experience One, talks to Christian Jakubetz about concrete use cases for an applied Generative AI.


Julia Keller Marketing & Communications

Why are we currently experiencing a boom in artificial intelligence with Generative AI?

Despite all the concerns and risks: The increasing number of people using tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney shows that curiosity clearly predominates.

In this interview, Experience One CEO Kai Müller explains the background to our fascination with the new technology. Together with Christian Jakubetz, he also talks about concrete use cases for applied Generative AI, why we urgently need more space for experimentation, and which steps companies need to take now.

Companies now have to ask themselves: Where does AI create new opportunities, where does it add things to our offering that we cannot currently provide?
AI in companies: Kai Müller from Experience One explains which steps companies have to take now.
Kai Müller, founder and CEO of Experience One
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