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How can we create customer impact for you?

For an excellent customer experience we develop digital strategies for brands and businesses that facilitate a better understanding of their markets and customers. Together, we take decisive steps forward by creating digital products that generate outstanding customer experiences. With measurable results.

Customer Experience & Digital Transformation

Customer needs and expectations change, putting business and revenue models to the test. To help companies and brands make the most of today’s volatile business landscape, we develop future-proof strategies and innovative services for sustainable corporate growth.

  1. Customer Experience Strategy
  2. AI-Driven Customer Experience
  3. Vision Development
  4. Product Strategy & Roadmapping
  5. MVPs & Prototypes
  6. Business Design & Service Innovation
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Die Mercedes me Store App von Experience One wird zum Marketplace für Connected Services.


iOS App Store

The Mercedes me Store App is transitioning from a marketing and sales channel for Connected Services to a central marketplace for both in-house as well as partner offers.

Global Platforms & Ecosystems

Delivering complex platforms for impactful customer engagement – from strategy and concept to design and development all the way to international rollouts – is one of our core competencies. Our big-picture approach seeks to integrate different touchpoints into cohesive, intelligent customer journeys and customer experiences.

  1. UX/UI Strategy & Implementation
  2. Personalization & Data-Driven Experiences
  3. CRM & Customer Data Management
  4. Design Systems & Style Guides
  5. Headless CMS
  6. Technical Implementation & International Rollouts
Der Bosch Brand Guide von Experience One sichert die weltweite Markenidentität.



As an intuitive online platform, the award-winning Bosch Brand Guide ensures the consistent appearance of this premium brand worldwide.

Premium E-Commerce

It’s not enough to rely on off-the-rack solutions to successfully sell high-quality, complex products. When it comes to e-commerce, high standards around brand quality and customer consultation require tailor-made solutions. By carefully harmonizing customer needs with product portfolios, we turn purchases into a true experience and significantly increase sales.

  1. Flagship Online Stores
  2. Product Research & Inspiration
  3. PDM & Configurators
  4. Product Presentation
Der Lifestyle-Konfigurator von Experience One empfiehlt das ideale Auto für Fahrzeuginteressenten.

3.5 months

Until MVP

“Tinder for cars”: The award-winning, adaptive Lifestyle Configurator finds the “perfect match” for the customer’s lifestyle from the Mercedes-Benz portfolio.

New Retail & Sales

In an age when people are geared towards online interactions, every experience in the real world offers a chance to stand out. Whether at brick-and-mortar locations, in the showroom, or during sales talks, we enrich these touchpoints and create customer experiences that leave lasting impressions. Leaner processes, innovative solutions, and increased sales are the tangible results.

  1. POS and Digital Showroom
  2. Interactive 3D Configurators
  3. B2B Sales & Ordering
  4. Integration with ERP, CRM & co.
  5. NFC & RFID Applications
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ADVANTAGES von Experience One liefert dem Sales-Team von Mercedes-Benz wertvolle Informationen.



Thanks to the ADVANTAGES portal, sellers worldwide can access valuable information and convincing sales arguments to better serve customers.

Offered Services

Strategy & Consulting

  1. Business Design & CX Strategy
  2. CX Management & Governance
  3. Data Analytics & Science
  4. Research & Insights Reports
  5. SEO & Content Strategy

Experience Design

  1. Service Design & Prototyping
  2. User Research & Testing
  3. UX Design
  4. Visual & Interaction Design
  5. Copywriting & UX Writing


  1. Technical Architecture Planning
  2. Web & Mobile Development
  3. Software for Physical Spaces
  4. Platforms & Ecosystems
  5. Backend Development

Operations & Rollout

  1. International Rollout
  2. IT Project Optimization
  3. Lean IT
  4. Agile at Scale
  5. DevOps

Working with the team is really something special. When I want to be sure that a product meets our high standards, I like to work with Experience One. The team always goes the extra mile and delivers. Each and every time.

Marco Gehrig, Manager Mercedes me Store of Mercedes-Benz AG

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