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Mercedes-Benz | Mercedes me Store App

From Premium Vehicle to Connected Car: The Shopping App for New Services and Functions

Experience One realizes the Mercedes me Store app for Mercedes-Benz—a shopping app for connected services with a scalable marketplace.


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The scalable marketplace for Mercedes-Benz

The market for connected cars, now worth billions of dollars, is of increasing relevance for automakers wishing to maintain a competitive edge. Mercedes-Benz recognized the significance of this emerging technology early on and together we set out to develop the Mercedes me Store app. As a mobile marketing and sales channel, the product will act as the central marketplace for all future Connected Services. The app enables customers to book vehicle-based services flexibly and directly. For product and market expansions efforts we focused on scalability, thereby laying the technological groundwork for a sustainable business and sales model.

Maximum relevance, increased revenue

To make sure customers locate the right offers on the proper channels, we closely integrated the product with other Mercedes apps. What’s more, we developed a recommendation system for both Mercedes-Benz as well as their ever-increasing range of partner offers. A win-win that benefits all parties: The personalized app provides customers with individual recommendations based on key criteria such as their purchasing and mobility history. Moreover, contextual factors like the user’s geographic location are also leveraged to present highly relevant offers. With the help of upselling and cross-selling measures, this detailed level of targeting acts to increase revenue.

The Mercedes me Store app by Experience One provides personalized offers based on an advances recommendation system.
With its premium design and its first-class user experience the Mercedes me Store app adds value to the Mercedes-Benz brand.

To create a first-class user experience, we merged the elegance of the brand with state-of-the-art design principles. An incredibly exciting task.

Thomas Borowiak, Visual Design at Experience One
Thomas Borowiak, Visual Design, Experience One

Simple use, higher customer loyalty

For connected cars, one of the most critical moments of the customer experience occurs when a vehicle-based service is set to expire. In the past, many customers became aware of these pending deactivations only after they had expired. Wide-spread frustration and cumbersome service renewal efforts on the part of the customer were the result. By tapping into EO’s tried-and-tested kit of CX best practices, we set out to make this pivotal episode a more transparent, convenient, and enjoyable experience for the user. Prior to the service’s expiration, the user receives the option to renew the booked service. From there, just a few taps on their device is all that’s needed to renew—all from the comfort of their own vehicle. A process as seamless and simple as a purchase from Amazon. And one that leads to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

The Mercedes me Store app by Experience One increases customer loyalty with valuable functions and high usability.

Premium UX, top-notch conversion

Quick and easy entry and intuitive use are of paramount importance for our products. To ensure for an optimal experience, the Mercedes me Store app has been seamlessly integrated into the well-known Mercedes-Benz user experience environment. Whether browsing via mobile devices or scrolling through the online or in-car stores, the result is a highly personalized user experience across devices and platforms. The checkout process in particular showcases what we mean by quick use: In just three simple steps, the user is guided from product selection to purchase confirmation.

The Mercedes me Store app by Experience One is seamlessly integrated into the Mercedes-Benz ecosystem.
By building the Mercedes me Store app, Experience One overachieved the expectations of its client Marco Gehrig at Mercedes-Benz.

Working with the team is really something special. When I want to be sure that a product meets our high standards, I like to work with Experience One. The team always goes the extra mile and delivers. Always.

Marco Gehrig, Manager Mercedes me Store from Mercedes-Benz AG
Marco Gehrig, Manager Mercedes me Store at Mercedes-Benz AG

Success factors


Guided by the vision

The Mercedes me Store app and the marketplace constitute crucial components of a broader, overarching strategy and an entire ecosystem. The aim here is to ensure the continued success of Mercedes-Benz in an increasingly digitized world. Only by fully understanding and embracing the significance of this mission are we able to adeptly anticipate challenges and opportunities and so develop future-proof solutions.


Purpose-built teams

Our approach relies on putting together a driven team that draws upon extensive industry expertise and understands the importance of putting users’ needs first. Backed by the trust from our customers, we bring accountability and ownership to our partnerships and tackle projects as if they were our very own.


Stakeholders become co-owners

Existing platforms are spread throughout various Mercedes-Benz teams and business units. To ensure that these are able to harmoniously contribute to common goals, we make sure to utilize clear frameworks, collaborative tools, and co-creation approaches when working with our partners.

Team, facts and contact

Project period

  1. 2019 – present


  1. Product Ownership
  2. Product Strategy
  3. CX Strategy
  4. UX Design
  5. Visual & Motion Design
  6. Development
  7. Rollout
  8. Stakeholder Management


  1. iOS native
  2. Android native


  1. Mercedes.io
  2. Appmotion


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