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Mercedes-Benz AG, smart | Digital Showroom

The Digital Product Experience for Any Showroom


Mercedes-Benz dealers


smart dealers



Discover a new retail experience

EO Touch is your starting point for an amazing showroom experience

Where do I have to start? Can I just walk around or do I have to wait for a sales representative to talk to me? Where do I find the product that I configured online? For these and other customer questions we have developed EO touch – the very first and unique contact with the customer.

Design for self-service shopping

The user experience was designed to be super simple, intuitive and unexpected: Interactive 3D configuration, lots of videos and a large powerwall display.

From 0 to 500 dealers in one year

For the automotive industry we were able to scale the solution to 500+ dealers in China in less than a year. For our client smart we delivered a branded version covering 6 markets and 160 dealers, mainly across Europe and Asia.

We are here to innovate

Our team of UX designers, software developers and product designers is continuously improving the platform. We iterate in short time cycles to deliver and validate quickly. Our Vision for EO Touch is nothing less than to revolutionise the customer's interaction with a brand.

Our vision for EO Touch is nothing less than revolutionizing the in-store interaction between customer and brand

Facts, Team and Contact


  1. Mercedes-Benz, smart


  1. Automotive
  2. Fashion


  1. Distributed Systems
  2. User Experience
  3. Plattform
  4. Product Design


  1. Stuttgart
  2. Berlin


  1. Jens Fauth

Project Team

  1. Jan Hoppe
  2. Sebastian Loose
  3. Heiko Keppel
  4. Christian Klugert

Contact Person

Jens Fauth Management

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