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Conversational AI | Workshop

AI-Driven Customer Experience

Next-Level Customer Interaction

Revolutionary AI technologies such as ChatGPT, Midjourney & Co. represent the most significant achievement in human-machine interaction of the past 20 years. But how can the customer interaction of brands and companies benefit from it? We show how Conversational AI takes the customer experience to the next level. From hype to use case.

As a co-pilot, Conversational AI can offer real added value. Equipped with skills, specialized knowledge and a customer-oriented personality, the co-pilot provides support for specific concerns and promises personalized experiences—whether as an insurance advisor, electricity tariff navigator or shopping assistant.

Next-Generation Pregnancy Support

The birth of a child is a life-changing experience. But even before that, there is a lot to consider, and the many questions that occupy pregnant women shuttle back and forth between doctors, midwives, doulas and specialists. What would it be like to find all the important information in one place and to be taken individually by the hand? To have someone at your side 24/7 who provides security, cares and accompanies the anticipation—all important appointments, nutritional information, vaccination dates and the development of the unborn child at a glance. The digital midwife service with which insurance companies offer decisive added value for what is probably the most exciting journey in life.

AI-driven customer experience workshop for insurance and healthcare industries: securing competitive advantage with Conversational AI.

AI-powered Citizen Service

8 weeks waiting time for an appointment at the office? The nightmare of passport applications. And even the search for the right application forms to bring along can become an ordeal.

High time for a new experience. With an AI-powered citizen service, appointments can be prepared in the best possible way and unnecessary visits to the authorities can be avoided. Instead of bulky click paths, opaque site maps and hidden deep links, a single input line will suffice for all requests in the future. The goal: more efficient administration for tomorrow’s citizen service.

Workshop “AI-Driven Customer Experience” for administration and public service: with Conversational AI into the future of digital administration.

Future-Ready Buying Experience

Finding the perfect match from millions of possible combinations? This can only be achieved with competent advice and insights into personal needs and preferences. In the future, the digital shopping assistant will help to find the right products, pre-configurations and features for personal needs. It never forgets individual preferences, continuously learns and can provide suitable recommendations. In this way, the shopping co-pilot makes it possible to make well-informed purchasing decisions.

AI-driven customer experience workshop for the automotive industry: using Conversational AI to turn vehicle configuration into an experience.

Success factors


Thoughtful concept

Identifying the defining touchpoints and episodes in the customer journey is critical to brand success. This requires a deep understanding of when, how, and with what co-pilots deliver real value.


Superpower for co-pilots

Equipped with the right APIs and plugins, a voice-based AI assistant becomes a real co-pilot that makes appointments, fills out applications or triggers orders.


Specialized knowledge

To provide customer-oriented information, the co-pilot needs specific knowledge for each individual use case situation. Specialized, vectorized databases form the basis for this.

Our Team for AI-Driven Customer Experience


  1. CX Strategy
  2. UX Design
  3. UI Design
  4. Vectorized databases
  5. Technological implementation


Holger Grünwald Management