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Fashion | Digital Showroom

The Digital Showroom from Experience One. A must-have for your fashion business.

Digitalize your sales. It pays off!

Give your sales and collections a digital boost, and stand out from the competition with the Digital Showroom from Experience One. Our B2B sales software transforms your sales talks into unique events. So, whether it’s an on-site or online meeting, our solution helps you provide better advice, sell more, and process orders more efficiently. Get your digitalization edge today.

Inspiration sells! The stage is set for your brand.

Whether catwalk, showroom, or POS, fashion brands triumph when they provide an inspiring experience in each presentation phase. And the same goes for your B2B sales talks. That’s why our digital Fashion Showrooms have everything you need to transform routine order meetings into impressive journeys through your collections. Our sales software helps modernize your setup and draw attention to your lookbooks—anywhere and anytime. And it works just as well face-to-face as it does in remote meetings.

Customize your sales meetings.

You know how your customers behave and what they like better than anyone. And you also know exactly which items are selling like hotcakes. Well, now you can use this knowledge to design custom collages from looks, hero items, and product recommendations in a matter of seconds with our whiteboards. This tool allows you to quickly adapt sales meetings to specific customer preferences. Your customers will be amazed at how well you know them.

Co-creation works! Try it with your customers.

Whether on-site or online, it's a great idea to actively involve customers in the order process. This helps buyers feel more independent and allows your sellers to provide targeted advice. Our self-service principle makes it easy and intuitive for customers to explore and select line sheets, styles, and details. What's more, your customers can get involved in every order thanks to our intuitive user interface and navigation. Have fun and profit from a new level of cooperation.

The new solution allows us to match digital pre-orders with purchases. It also gives us the security of being able to provide professional advice in the future, even with just a few samples. As you would expect, customer feedback has been amazingly positive.

Mike Lukas, Area Sales Manager bei OLYMP

Data wins! More tops. Fewer flops.

Data is a win-win. It not only increases the quality of the advice you provide, but also helps you plan better and make your customer even more successful. Our showroom software supports EDI interfaces and can therefore provide valuable information, e.g. sales quotas, inventory turnover, and top/flop analyses. Cart analysis means you can even provide your customers with detailed budget breakdowns for each store, product group, and product line. Everything you need to give top-class advice.

e2e rules! Make your life easier with interfaces.

End-to-end helps optimize collaboration: Well-designed interfaces make connecting your ERP systems to our showroom software a breeze. Enjoy automatic reconciliation of current order, inventory, and delivery data. Your orders simply write themselves, leaving you to provide even more detailed advice to your customers. Plus, instant orders are sure to be a real hit with your customers—delivered as soon as your meetings finish.

Phygital Experience — we’re transforming analog order processes into digital shopping experiences.

When transforming key customer experiences, it's all about digitalizing the right things. Oddly, this means leaving important analog moments as they are—instead finding ways to integrate them intelligently into new solutions. A great example for buyers from the fashion industry is being able to feel new fabrics and their quality.
Our solution is the scanner application, which brings the physical and digital worlds together. The app allows you to jump to digital pre-orders and ensures that analog samples are quickly collected and brought to life in digital form. Our projection-mapping solution takes things even further by transforming understated collection data into emotional presentations.

Success factor #1: We understand people.

We know that digital transformations can only work if people are the focus. That's why we put the spotlight entirely on the user — their needs and desires—when designing your digital showroom. This ensures you get a functional, but also emotionally impactful sales tool that represents and sells your brands perfectly.

Success factor #2: We connect applications.

We view digitalization as a whole, which is why we give you much more than just a digital showroom. We provide a fully customized sales platform based on a unique omnichannel strategy. You'll just love the consistent, high-quality experience and seamless interplay between different touchpoints — from the sales rep app to mobile ordering and the B2B shop.

Success factor #3: We captivate customers.

We have what it takes to create magical moments. But this is only possible because we filter out anything that affects the customer experience. They're often things that don't seem like they can be digitalized at first glance. But this is exactly where we come in! Because we’re able to find equally effective and efficient solutions that keep customers coming back and your sales going up.

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