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Apr 25, 2022

Unique House Configurator for Eco-Friendly Designer Homes

By using the innovative house configurator, home-builders can design an eco-friendly designer home tailored to their individual needs.


Julia Keller Marketing & Communications

New Baufritz show house in the Black Forest combines digital planning with living quality

Stuttgart, April 25, 2022—Prefabricated house manufacturer Baufritz launches a new, digital planning concept by opening the “my smart green home: Schwarzwald” show house in Fertighauswelt Schwarzwald (a prefabricated house park in Kappel-Grafenhausen). It's the first eco-friendly house designed and built using the configurator. The intelligent platform was developed by Experience One, a digital partner for innovation and digital transformation that specializes in customer experience and new retail.

As part of its digital transformation, the timber construction pioneer from Allgau, Bavaria is now tapping into the enormous potential of the construction planning sector. The house configurator from Baufritz and Experience One is available to everyone on Baufritz’s website. Crucially, it’s very different to existing solutions on the market, and takes both planning quality and transparency to a whole new level.

Six easy steps to the house of your dreams: Unique design meets cost transparency

“My smart green home” is based on a new, modular concept for house planning. Builders can use the browser-based digital platform to design their own unique house in six simple steps—including house size, floor plan, and roof shape—whilst background calculations verify the selected combination can be built. With more than 94,000 possible combinations, builders can become part of the architect team, providing clients with truly unique living spaces. Customers are also given clear and consistent information about planning and price changes in real time. The end result is a buildable design with transparent costs and a significantly shorter build-time. It’s also the perfect aid to create quotes and provide advice. You can access the plan for your own, sustainable dream house at any time using a code, and share it with your contact at Baufritz as well as your friends and family.

By using the house configurator by Experience One, home-builders can design their own Baufritz dream home.

Personalized advice and planning in real time

The house configurator integrates seamlessly into internal systems, e.g. CRM. What’s more, it offers fully digital completion and transparent lead management processes. It allows advisors and builders to draw up and develop drafts together—whether in remote meetings with customers or around the on-site touchtable in the show house—instead of going through costly preparation, planning, and follow-up meetings with architects. This creates a unique yet consistent brand and customer experience over many different touchpoints.

Our ‘my smart green home’ house configurator has laid the perfect foundations for digital house planning, and expanded our customer journey to include another important building block. We're now able to dramatically improve efficiency over the entire construction process. Experience One’s expertise made the seemingly impossible possible: configuring a house online and using that to bring it to life.
Dagmar Fritz-Kramer, Managing Director of Baufritz

A flagship project for the digital transformation of the construction industry

Experience One designed the configurator from end to end, and also implemented it—from UX and UI to fully-fledged platform with Layering Engine. This created a solution that not only offers incredible performance, but also lives up to the high design standards set by Baufritz. The CX specialist developed digital twins of the 'my smart green home' module in just 12 months, including an intelligent conflict management system. If selected modules don’t go together, users are presented with a possible alternative. This ensures that every plannable combination is also buildable. This was something completely new in the construction industry and a milestone in terms of digital transformation.

With the house configurator, we managed to translate a highly complicated architectural concept into an intuitive, digital planning experience. A digital twin was created that provided valuable insights in terms of feasibility and user behavior—not just for the sales team, but also product development. This digital approach to planning is also the ideal basis for establishing new, digital business processes such as digital samples and digital construction files.
Jens Fauth, Managing Director at Experience One
Start configurator
The house configurator by Experience One helps home-builders to design their individual dream home tailored to their needs.

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