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Dec 19, 2022

Future Shaping vs. Unicorn Chasing

German Startups guest article by Experience One CEO Kai Müller on exits and the motivation for founding.


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There is a boom in highly valued startups. The German economy currently has four times as many unicorns as in the previous year. As a result, founders are tempted to sell as expensively as possible in the shortest possible time.

If start-ups focus exclusively on the exit, they limit their entrepreneurial activities and, at the same time, their chances of success. Because today, it’s much more about founding with a sustainable mindset and acting with conviction—which ultimately leads to healthier and more resilient companies. This insight is shared by Kai Müller, in his guest article for “Deutsche Startups”.

He founded his company in 2006 based on the conviction that brands and companies can only be successful if they use the full potential of the customer experience. That’s why he always focuses on the people in his company as well as the impact on society when making decisions.

Founding to sell and founding to create are two completely different approaches.
Kai Müller, CEO of Experience One, writes in Deutsche Startups about chasing unicorns and motivation when founding.
Kai Müller, Founder and CEO of Experience One

The guest article provides valuable insights into the right startup mindset and explains which motivation should be the basis behind a startup to be successful in the long run.

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