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Nov 23, 2022

Tech for Good

Tech for Good: Kai Müller, founder and CEO of Experience One, explains how technology and sustainable behavior work together.


Aline Stang Marketing & Communications

Apple adds new health features to its Watch, Amazon buys a virtual care provider—is this just a purpose campaign or is there more to it?

Kai Müller, CEO of Experience One, recognizes a growing need among consumers to behave more sustainable. The big tech players have already spotted this need and started to support sustainable decisions by providing new functionalities—for instance carbon-saving routes on Google Maps. No wonder, as Tech for Good promises a huge growth market.

We need CEOs to make a mind-set shift from a short-term vision of what the customer wants at the moment, to a long-term future vision of what the people of the world need.
Tech for Good: Kai Müller explains how technology and sustainable action go hand in hand to fulfill customer needs.
Kai Müller, Founder and CEO of Experience One

This guest article in “Horizont” explains how companies can leverage the potential of tech for good with a customer-centric approach, and what uncomfortable decisions they have to make during the process.

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