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May 30, 2023

The Digital Editor

Experience One has built the “digital twin” of a journalist that sounds and looks like them and answers questions about their articles.


Julia Keller Marketing & Communications

Can artificial intelligence be used to build the “digital twin” of a journalist?

In an AI self-experiment with the editor of a major German weekly magazine, we took on this challenge.

Experience One used six steps to build the digital twin of a journalist: appearance, voice, presence, personality, knowledge and capabilities.

Appearance, voice, presence, and personality were only a small part of the challenge. Even more important was the question: What does the journalist have to be able to do in order to deliver a benefit rather than just being a gimmick?

Equipped with the relevant knowledge and the decisive skills, the journalist clone becomes a co-editor who answers readers' questions about their articles and enables completely new ways of interacting with news content.

Despite the hype, the possibilities of generative AI are simply underestimated.
Kai Müller from Experience One believes that the possibilities of generative AI are still completely underestimated.
Kai Müller, Founder and CEO of Experience One

Read more about the experiment in an interview with Kai Müller in MEEDIA.

Read article (in German)

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