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LIEBESKIND GmbH | Online Store Relaunch

E-Commerce Goes Vogue. An Exciting Shopping Experience with Genuine Berlin Style

Experience One set a fashion statement with the Liebeskind online store—capturing real Berlin style in an exquisite webstore.






Product presentation

Beautiful design meets incredible user experience

Liebeskind’s unique creations epitomize the very soul of Berlin with their raw elegance, carefree authenticity, and unbridled innovation. So, when the brand was looking to freshen things up, it turned to Experience One to create a new, inspiring shopping experience for its online store. The store's stylish new look reflects Liebeskind’s position as a premium fashion brand. Products are displayed in visually exciting ways that match the brand’s values and image. A massive overhaul of the interface and how users navigate the store means products are now easier to find. Every page and element reflect the brand. But ultimately, we created an environment that invites users to explore the Liebeskind world and find their fashion inspiration.

Great user experience, better performance

Start your journey of fashion discovery on the new Liebeskind online store. Its attractive, clear, and accessible design ensures customers have a wonderful experience. Not only did we group products differently, but we also improved site navigation based on what users find most natural. Because you don't want to have to spend ages searching if you're just looking for this season’s latest bags. That's why we carefully designed the store to meet both user demands and expectations. The result is a seamless customer journey, all the way from exciting first impression to product details and checkout. And it goes without saying the store is now mobile first—in line with user shopping habits.

Liebeskind products now stand out more and are easier to find thanks to the redesign of their online store by Experience One.
Redesigning Liebeskind’s online store allowed Experience One to showcase just how effective user-centric design can be.

For the Liebeskind online store, we combined an exciting design with user-centric UX—down to every last detail. The effect was really noticeable in functional areas like cart.

Kathrin Eichhorn, Visual Design

Timeless design, meaningful style

Liebeskind’s new online look fits the brand perfectly—as unique and style-defining as the Berlin fashion scene itself. Working closely with the brand team, we developed a comprehensive design framework for scalability and a growing range of products. Aside from basic elements like fonts, colors, and buttons, it also laid the foundations for a high-quality design that conveys motion and emotion in equal measure. This design lends the online store its distinctive style and is an essential part of both the customer and brand experience. You can really feel the Liebeskind brand in every detail—and each element plays into brand image and recognition. Looking good is an absolute must for every fashion brand.

The Liebeskind’s brand and style is visible in every detail of the online store designed by Experience One.

Unique experience, functional templates

We analyzed the entire shopping journey and put it through its paces with user tests. We used our comprehensive UX expertise, together with insights from the Liebeskind team, to create a truly seamless experience—from product page to cart and checkout. Users were always front and center as they're the most important factor for success. Information, features, and quality details are now much easier to understand and consistent with the brand’s overall image and style. We also created reusable templates for every type of key page so that Liebeskind can expand their online store as necessary going forward. This makes it easy to integrate new product lines.

CX templates from Experience One showcase the products in the Liebeskind online store perfectly.
Experience One has given the Liebeskind online store everything it needs to scale, grow, and adapt in the future.

Working with Experience One is always a great and highly collaborative process. It makes me a little sad knowing the project is over, but our online store is now ready to grow and take on the future thanks to what we managed to achieve together.

Natalia Trescher de Juana, Manager E-Commerce LIEBESKIND GmbH

Success factors


Inspiration meets aesthetics

Our approach to engaging user experiences in online fashion is simple: pure inspiration and aesthetic design. We pushed the boundaries with Liebeskind and set new standards for what an online store can be.


Focus brings efficiency

Speed and quality go hand in hand. And our focused approach meant that we were able to make targeted UX and design decisions, and prioritize the most important requirements. All while never failing to meet the highest quality standards.


Testing and optimization

Experience One and Liebeskind shared and exchanged insights from live tests. This allowed us to try out concepts and implement any findings during the development stage, ensuring solutions that users love.

Team, facts and figures


  1. September 2018 to March 2019


  1. UX Design, UI Design, User Testing


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