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Mercedes-Benz AG | ADVANTAGES

The Global Retail Platform Provides Retailers with Expertise and Improves the Quality of Customer Counselling

Die Retail-Plattform in der Anwendung: ein Mercedes-Benz Berater und ein Kunde profitieren im Gespräch von den handlichen ADVANTAGES Informationen

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The tool that turns salespeople into experts and potential buyers into customers

Whether Mercedes, AMG, smart or Maybach: The sales teams of the brand family need veritable and usable product data on a daily basis. ADVANTAGES is the first source of information for 70 markets worldwide: Here, users can find details on new and existing model series, conclusive arguments for all equipment types as well as valuable insights into model specifics, offering logics and technologies. These aspects ensure for expertise across corporate and sub-brand structures and give salespeople all over the world decisive advantages. The enhanced expertise increases the quality of advice provided to customers, which has a positive impact on the customer experience at the POS and in turn on sales revenues. For more than a decade, we have been responsible for driving the development of the multilingual platform and have played a decisive role in shaping it.

Always on call: an assistant for all salespeople

In addition to evolutionary advancements, we also delivered revolutionary milestones. During our tenure, ADVANTAGES took on a responsive form. This transformed the platform into a mobile “sales assistant” available at all times. Whether at the desk, in the show car, or during a test drive: When questions arise, the salesperson simply reaches for the tablet and dazzles the customer with convincing ad hoc answers. In addition to research, the product information can also be used for self-study purposes. In both cases, users benefit from the needs-oriented user guidance with a consistent structure across all brands and the integrated semantic search. Thanks to these and other optimizations, we have significantly improved the user experience.

The responsive platform can be used optimally at the POS: on tablets, smartphones or desktop computers
EO Employee Quote on Mercedes-Benz ADVANTAGES

Projects of this kind require expertise and stamina. Time and again, we’ve proven ourselves capable in both respects. And we also made sure to add a pinch of courage to the mix. The fact that we opted for a headless CMS at that time was quite daring. But being bold pays off—in terms of both delivery time and quality.

Malte Muth, Web Engineer at Experience One
Malte Muth, Web Engineer at Experience One

Equal focus: on salespeople and customers

Thanks to a sophisticated content strategy, we succeed in bridging the gap between the primary ADVANTAGES sales target group in retail and its indirect benefactors: the customers. The look and feel, content and functions—be it images, texts or comparison options—are all of exceptional quality. As a result, salespeople can present the platform to customers in order to demonstrate information. With the included equipment descriptions, we have taken things one step further: These are already fully geared to customers and their purchasing motives. The descriptions provide practical purchasing arguments and, thanks to their direct style and clear messaging, can be incorporated one-to-one into consultation discussions.

Interesting information for both target groups: Salespeople and prospective car buyers benefit from images, data and comparison functions for both vehicles their features

Headless but brainy: the innovative tech concept

In terms of tech, we delivered solutions that ultimately benefited the UX in retail contexts and the CX at the POS. To ensure efficient cooperation between front-end and back-end, we opted for a “headless CMS”—at that time still an insiders’ tip. In doing so, front-end aspects are separated from factors such as compliance, data maintenance and data management—thereby creating organizational advantages. To facilitate collaboration along these lines, we integrated a smart API solution. With some of the technical details yet to be cleared, this was the only approach that allowed us to test the user interface early on while moving forward towards a final concept delivery. The quality of the results shows that the decision was spot on.

The technical principle behind the platform: We used a headless CMS for the Mercedes-Benz POS tool

Success factors


Forming winning teams

Whether concept, design, content or frontend—experts are at work in each one of our departments. What particularly distinguishes our team is the will and desire to work together interdisciplinarily in an agile environment. Breaking down boundaries brings new ways of thinking and innovative methods into play, which have a lasting positive impact on project success. In the form of CX excellence and tech intelligence.


Staying on track

How do you maintain high quality standards for over 10 years? By having the iron will to always deliver the best user experience. Continuous testing, tight stakeholder engagement and an uncompromising commitment to excellence always drive us to excel and deliver fresh ideas.


Turning chances into score

Although carefully planned development strategies make sense in long-term projects like these, there is still room to score points with revolutionary change. Our team loves to try out emerging technologies. As a responsible partner, we know how to weigh up the pros and cons and only green-light tactics with potential for success.

Team, facts und contact

Project period

  1. 2009 – 2020


  1. Roadmap
  2. Project Management
  3. UX Design
  4. UI Design
  5. User Research
  6. User Testing
  7. Frontend Development
  8. Quality Control


  1. Angular 10


Jens Fauth Management
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