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smart | Digital Showroom

Small City Stores, Great POS Solution: smart Digital Showrooms Deliver a Full Product Experience

A big experience in small setting: the smart Digital Showroom from Experience One is designed with urban settings in mind.

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Stores worldwide




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Showrooms for co-creation: self-service meets vivid advice

How do you present a wide range of products and ensure clear advice at POS—whilst there, space is extremely limited? This was the challenge facing smart stores worldwide. As its target group is primarily urban, the microcar brand tends to locate its stores directly in city centers. Often, just a few showroom cars are available for display. This setup creates tension with the customers’ needs, as they are interested in discovering different models and customization options. To overcome these spatial limitations, we chose a showroom concept that relies heavily on flexibility. Our team delivered a solution for 160 retailers in six markets worldwide within just six months. The concept combines interactive digital self-service and hands-on equipment samples, paving the way for an exciting, new brand experience.

The touch table: serving up in an inspiring way

Our showroom concept offers a clever, multi-dimensional solution: A high-resolution touch table featuring an optional power wall forms the centerpiece. This setup invites showroom visitors to explore, discover and configure their vehicles. What’s more, original paint and upholstery samples convey haptic and visual impressions. During consultations, the touch table illustrates model differences. The beautifully designed all-in-one solution delivers a fully-fledged brand and product experience, providing far more opportunities for inspiration than a collection of show cars would be able to do.

Touch table and power wall invite visitors to explore the smart product world and configure vehicles individually.
The touch table's interface from Experience One encourages visitors of smart showrooms to discover the models on their own.

The combination of table and wall has been very well received by our customers.” | “Our customers are looking for a starting point when they enter the showroom. In most cases, they go directly to the touch table.” | “We actively use the table for consultation and to demonstrate combination options that are not physically present on site.

Three dealer feedbacks, smart city stores

The tech concept: automated and stable

Our tech concept fulfills two key criteria: First, the content of the touch table is always up to date and accurate for the specific market it’s serving. Secondly, its use is both easy and stable. By connecting to central data sources, automating content processes and setting up a flexible backend, we’ve laid the foundation for a target-oriented single-source publishing model. Our interface design—which is perfectly aligned with the content—ensures a best-in-class experience at the showroom. To provide a high-performance tool for the sales pitch, the system is based on a fail-safe plug-and-play solution that can also operate offline.

Always up to date, always stable: the touch table's backend and interface form the basis for a first-class showroom experience.

Multimedia, interactive and conversion-boosting

The touch table contains the entire smart model range. In the visualizer, prospective customers can configure their smart and view it from all angles, thanks to the 360° view. A comparison view makes choosing equipment options easier. The configuration result contains an online code enabling the user to complete equipping their smart at home or to request a quotation. The integrated electric drive app allows users to experience the world of electric mobility and displays relevant smart EQ models with interactive content. Integrating external components—such as a map featuring charging stations—bridges the gap between theory and practice. This multimedia experience is perfected by the large-format power wall.

The 360° view of the smart visualizer enables an all-round view of the individually configured vehicle.
Thanks to its illustrative potential, the Experience One touch table is very popular—not only with smart clients, but also with advisors.

My favorite anecdote happened during my vacation in Japan at the smart store Kyoto: While I was playing around with the touch table, I got into a conversation with a consultant. After initial skepticism, he believed that I had been involved in the development and reported enthusiastically that the table and power wall are making a great impression on customers.

Jan Hoppe, Software Engineering at Experience One
Jan Hoppe, Software Engineering at Experience One

Augmented reality extension for IFA

The potential of an exciting experience in small spaces is often overlooked. But we know what is possible and required to facilitate an exciting brand and product experience for an ambitious audience. At the IFA International Consumer Electronics Fair in 2017, our showroom extension—featuring augmented reality and an intelligent voice control—delighted numerous visitors. The trade show appearance consisted of just one smart vehicle. But by pronouncing individual wishes, this sample car transformed into a custom-made vehicle, entirely designed to personal taste. Powered by AR, the exterior and interior are rendered when walking around and getting in the car.

Thanks to augmented reality and voice control, an individually designed smart appears as if it were real before the user’s very eyes.

Success facotrs


Launch and listen

A prototype can only grow into a powerful solution through continuous further development. That's why we test MVPs early on throughout the project and collect feedback via user tests. We continuously analyze behavioral data and transform these insights into strategic optimizations.


Take full ownership

We are happy to take on the role of a product owner. Only those who feel responsible for the product experience and brand perception in its entirety deliver solutions that fit seamlessly into the customer journey—and positively influence the entire customer experience. With this approach, we ensure measurable business impact.


Design for robustness

The success of a project largely depends on the stability of the setup: Maintenance-free operation, easy-to-use plug-and-play solutions, and full offline functionality are essential factors. This is how we ensure both acceptance by sales staff and, ultimately, the success of the solution.

Team, facts und figures

Project period

  1. June 2016 – December 2017


  1. Consulting
  2. UX/UI Entwicklung
  3. Software Engineering
  4. Rollout
  5. Technical Support


  1. .NET 4.0 - WPF
  2. NFC Reader/Writer
  3. postgreSQL
  4. REST
  5. PRISM


  1. ISARIA Corporate Design AG
  2. STAPLES ADvantage


Jens Fauth Management
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