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Dec 21, 2022

Close Up

In this interview by “WirtschaftsWoche”, Kai Müller, CEO of Experience One, shares interesting insights from his private life.


Aline Stang Marketing & Communications

What do Power Rangers, cappuccino, Markus Lanz and books have in common? Exactly – Kai Müller. In the “close up” the CEO of Experience One gives insights into his thoughts and actions.

[If I had to take over someone else’s job for one day, I would like to host the Markus Lanz Show.] With the right guests, I would facilitate the topic digitization the way it actually needs so that we don’t keep lagging behind anymore.
Kai Müller, founder and CEO of Experience One, talks about personal matters in the “WirtschaftsWoche” management blog.
Kai Müller, Founder and CEO of Experience One

What else happens when you ask Kai Müller questions that have nothing to do with customer experience? Find out in the “WirtschaftsWoche” management blog.

Read “close up” (in German)

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