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Sep 08, 2021

CX Leadership Masterclass: How to Pitch CX to Your CEO (video)

Experience One auf der DMEXCO @home 2021: Vortrag und Masterclass


Linda Stauffenberg Management

It is a fact that companies can only improvement the customer experience effectively by consistently focusing on the reality of customer expectations.

But it is also a fact that people who work on the implementation of such CX improvements within the company must be just as consistently oriented to the internal reality of their organization.

This includes responsibility structures and established processes, which in various ways determine the success of any innovation: How projects are approved. How budgets and resources are approved. And how it happens that some initiatives get full management support. And others don't.

The success of CX innovations in large organizations requires special leadership competencies focused on the new, and there, above all, one thing: the ability to convince people and decision-makers of the value of the innovation for end customers and the company, and to win them over as supporters for the change project.

At “DMEXCO @home 2021”, Experience One Co-Founder Markus A. Stauffenberg presented basic principles and tools in the masterclass “How to Pitch CX to Your CEO”, which help to incorporate innovative customer experience projects into effective management communication and thus make a decisive contribution to their successful implementation:

The Masterclass can also be requested as a compact, 30-minute impulse format on-site or as a video conference.

The offer is aimed at project-experienced professionals who have been working in the field of customer experience management, innovation management and in the areas of marketing and sales for at least 3 years.

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