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Daimler AG | OneWeb Vans

A Customer-Centric Marketing Platform a with Strong B2B Focus and Premium Experience


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From online catalog to platform with incredible marketing potential

The Mercedes-Benz Vans platform is the company’s digital stage for its larger vehicles. Since 2018, we’ve been responsible for everything conceptual, visual, and technical. Our very first mission was the relaunch, which presented a demanding timeline with just one year to global rollout for more than 60 diverse markets. But the long-term goal was clear from the start: premium CX with a B2B focus. So, challenge accepted—and surpassed with rollout in more than 70 initial markets. Customers now enjoy presentation worthy of the brand. The platform has also received several updates addressing both marketing potential and the customer journey. They help ensure that Mercedes-Benz is always delivering the best possible CX and largest business impact. We’re now working on other exciting areas involving, e.g. front-end development, rollout, and eLearning.

Customer needs as the compass

Business customers have one main concern when visiting the platform: quickly finding the van/transporter models, features, and services for their needs. A well-structured product portfolio was therefore essential. Fortunately, our intuitive navigation proved the perfect base to build just such a portfolio. But we went one step further in terms of presentation, focusing on customer needs: Users are presented with attractive offers that take the different requirements of various industries and sectors into account. These offers even include digital services and underline the company’s shift from automotive manufacturer to mobility provider. Benefits are communicated in an easily understandable way and descriptions provide more detailed information.

Consistent touchpoints and a scalable system

The new marketing platform brings together several touchpoints and systems from different markets. But smart integration ensures a consistent user experience: from national landing pages to configurator, and local vehicle searches to marketing connected services. Scalable and modular design principles ensure we meet the specific requirements of different markets. In practice, this means different markets can display their content in different modules using clearly defined elements, templates, and components. This ensures complete flexibility but also consistent quality. What's more, it saves both time and money, and ensures a uniform brand image around the world.

Top ratings meet business impact

As we continue to develop the platform, our focus is on two main aims: The first is that we want to present users with relevant content and useful features that make their lives easier. The second is that we would like to generate a measurable increase in business impact for our client. For these reasons, we're continuously validating and refining the platform using more objective data and A/B testing. But the huge increase in conversions (200% since relaunch) together with excellent user reviews shows that we’ve got a lot right already–both in terms of design and implementation.

Future vision: personalized recommendations

Our vision for personalization takes things one step further. An intelligent Recommendation Engine will provide specific model suggestions based on dealer information, industry knowledge, and historical user data. It will provide tailored, user-specific presets that already include the most important features and digital services a customer requires for their unique commercial needs. This will allow the configuration process, with its practically infinite model variations and options, to be shortened to just two clicks—likely to be a record. Of course, users will still be able to fine-tune the details of these personalized recommendations or use them in consultations with dealers.

When looking to improve the customer experience and promote long-term customer loyalty, we always focus on what customers really need. Ultimately, we hope that others will copy what we've managed to achieve with this project.

Philip Hernandez, UX Design at Experience One

Success factors


Streamlined: exceptional teamwork

If, as in this project, the client supports our visionary thinking and proactive working style—even crossing their own departmental boundaries and spending all their time in our project office—we can achieve great things together.


Proven: years of experience

We’re in our element when it comes to platform projects, and benefit from years of experience and expertise. International rollouts in several markets are our specialty—in time and on budget, of course.


Inspired: real passion

Projects of this size require persistence, commitment, and last but definitely not least, passion. You need a passionate team and a clearly defined goal to be able to perform at your best over the project's lifetime and deliver something incredible.

Team, facts and contact

Project period

  1. 2017 - present


  1. Vision
  2. Strategic Advice
  3. User Research
  4. UX Design
  5. UI Design
  6. Interaction Design
  7. Motion Design
  8. Front-end Development
  9. Content Management
  10. Rollout Management
  11. Program Management
  12. Project Management
  13. Testing


  1. Adobe Experience Manager
  2. Adobe Analytics
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Adobe Target
  5. Usercentrics
  6. Salesforce


  1. Adobe (CMS-Dev: 2017-2019)
  2. CGI (CMS-Dev: ab 2019)
  3. T4Media (Analytics)
  4. Accenture (Testing)
  5. Netcare (First Level Support)


Christian Pusch Management

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