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Postbank | Business Assistent App

One App for Work and Finance—Lots of Benefits for Postbank Business Customers

The solution for self-employed Postbank business customers: One app for online banking, business tasks, and finance management.

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From service design to app that fits digital strategy perfectly

As part of our long-term collaboration, Postbank asked us to develop a new app aimed at self-employed and freelance business customers. We started by analyzing customer needs, taking a closer look at all the key stages of the customer journey, and scanning the app market. We noticed that there was no mobile all-in-one solution for finance, project, and document management that focused on customer needs. So we used this to help form the basis of our service design and create a customer-centric application. The Postbank Business Assistent app provides real value for its target group and has proved hugely popular thanks to its first-class UX and UI design. The app fits seamlessly into Postbank’s digital strategy (which we also handle) and strengthens Postbank’s position and image as a financial institute that puts customers first.

Turning customer needs into customer benefits

Office work can be a real headache for anyone who's self-employed and always on the go. What's more, when you’re out and about, you often don’t have all the data you need. We recognized these pain points and created something to make repetitive finance and business tasks easier: the Postbank Business Assistent app is perfect for anyone with a business account looking to keep their work under control. It has timesaving on-the-go features for daily to-dos and automatically reconciles incoming payments and receivables thanks to the online banking interface. Plus, you can use it to create documents at the touch of a button, e.g. quotes, invoices, and reminders—and then send them wherever they need to go thanks to integrated email functionality.

The Postbank Business Assistent app by Experience One is all about finance and work—specially designed for anyone self-employed.
Philipp Hernandez, UX Design at Experience One about designing and developing the Postbank Business Assistent app

It’s every UX designer’s dream to create services that make life better and easier for users. And that's always the case with the services that we develop for Postbank—the Business Assistent app is a great example.

Philipp Hernandez, UX Design at Experience One
Philipp Hernandez, UX Design at Experience One

A key component for a positive CX

Thanks to our experience with various projects for Postbank—for example, planning and finalizing both their website relaunch and private customer app PostBank Finzanzassistent—it was easy for us to design something that would fit seamlessly into the brand experience and create a positive customer experience. As with all our customer projects, when designing the Postbank Business Assistent app, we focused on usability and user guidance—both had to be spot on. All UX/UI design and UX writing decisions therefore aimed at making the app intuitive and easy to use. This helped ensure users would not only love using it but also find it useful in their day-to-day work.

The Postbank Business Assistent app by Experience One brings together intelligent finance management and on-the-go customer and project data.

Implementation and integration from one source

On top of developing the app and implementing all the interfaces, we also integrated it into the business customer area of the Postbank website. As part of an agile project setup, we created an informative, targeted microsite and provided optimized content for app store pages. Everything included clear and concise descriptions of both the benefits and features. In addition to integrating the app and developing a marketing plan, we also prepared tone-of-voice and wording guidelines to ensure consistency when communicating with target groups. This included everything from basic information to guidance on how to use the app. The getting-started wizard is a perfect example of our high standards when it comes to user guidance.

Postbank business customers can download the Business Assistent app by Experience One for free—as the perfect companion for work and finance.

Our success factors for maximum impact


Understand and fulfill customer needs

It’s our job to recognize and understand what customers need. When analyzing customer needs, we complete in-depth research, conduct target group and stakeholder interviews, draft use cases, and write up user stories. This lays the necessary groundwork for the new services to get up and running successfully, build long-term customer relationships, and deliver a first-class customer experience.


Follow and achieve business goals

Our client's goals are our goals. So when they come to us with challenges, we put all our effort into understanding exactly what goals they want to achieve—whether it’s market positioning, customer loyalty, customer acquisition, or product-specific sales targets. And if we can embed some of the measures to achieve them into a large-scale, long-term digitalization strategy, even better and all the more effective—as was the case with this project.


Design and deliver services

Service design has always been part of our portfolio. But it takes intense research, loads of ideas, and in-depth knowledge of customers, the market and the brand—not to mention solution-oriented thinking. Plus, our project teams have all the required expertise in UX/UI design, UX writing, frontend and backend development, and rollout. This means they can turn ideas into reality and potential into revenue growth in no time at all.

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  6. UX writing
  7. Development
  8. Project management
  9. Tech support

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